4-year-old drives great-grandfather’s SUV to gas

A 4-year-old boy drove his great-grandfather’s SUV to a gas station in Blaine, Minn., on Tuesday morning during rush hour.


The kid, Sebastian, was staggeringly ready to back the Hyundai Santa Fe out of the garage, clear his path through neighborhood lanes and drive on a bustling four-path road during morning traffic subsequent to grabbing the keys from a snare on the divider utilizing his grandpa’s walker.

“He watches everything individuals do and he’ll rehash it,” incredible granddad Roy Becker told nearby Fox associate  KMSP.

A witness reported someone driving erratically around 10 mph to 15 mph, but it wasn’t until Sebastian made it safely to the Speedway gas station that police realized it was a child behind the wheel.

“I’ve never seen a driver this young before operating a vehicle,” Blaine Police Capt. Mark Boerboom told KMSP.

Needless to say, Sebastian’s driving skills weren’t flawless. He took out a few mailboxes and dinged a tree along the way during the 1.5-mile trip.

The boy’s family was just happy he was safe in the end, but said they’ll lock up the keys from here on out and keep a closer eye on the boy.

“It could’ve been very serious,” Becker said. “He could’ve hit a car. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. We could be talking about a funeral.”

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