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21 Facebook Marketing Tools -Explained

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Facebook Marketing Tool #1 Adespresso

21 Facebook Marketing Tools is ad is a bit tasking. AdEpresso is a nice tool for creating and managing Facebook campaigns.
The processes are automated, analyze, you can optimize and create specific rules for execution and for your campaigns. Use A/B testing capability to create thousands of variants of your facebook ads. This Focuses on key metrics with easy to use customizable dashboards.

Facebook Marketing tool #2 Buffers

Buffer is an important social media management platform. Helps to schedule and publish a post on social media as scheduled.
It is a simple interface liked by small and big business promoter. It has a browser extension which seamlessly integrates with Chrome, WordPress, and other tools to find content for distribution.
And it also shows analytics and insights on the post reach, likes and mentions and received.

Facebook Marketing Tool #3Driftrock

Facebook marketers use these tools generation software for conversions.
It is suitable for different tools. Each of the tools has a specific use. And they can be used together as a complete solution for Facebook management ads and automation.

21 Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook Marketing tool #4Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a facebook marketing tool simple and effective that help in content management and engagement on Facebook.
It helps to schedule and publish posts, monitors engagement and activity and also enables social listening.
With the help of agora pulse barometer, use can use it to analyze facebook pages and compare them to know about your competitors too. It gives an understanding of reports that help to track your efforts. And it contains workflow collaboration features for large teams.

Facebook Marketing, this is Number #5 Manychat

This tool is easy and can help you create a facebook messenger bot to provide marketing and sales support to consumers.
You don’t have to know about code for you to create a bot when using this tool. It takes a few minutes to create a bot and is free for use. T his tools help to take your facebook messenger marketing to the next level.

Facebook Marketing tool #6 Fanpage karma

Fanpage Karma has multiple functions for facebook management.
I help o publish pos with easy. It provides useful information on posting. IT helps to know about an unlimited number of pages and profiles.
with the help of fan page karma, facebook user can analyze activities going on their fans page and followers. And can also compare analyze key data on their pages even their competitors.

Facebook Marketing tool #7 FacebookAds manager

Facebook Ads manager tool helps to create and manage Facebook Ads.
With the help of the Facebook manager tool, you can target specific demographics and the right people.
This tool also helps learn the performance of Ad and report back, you can pause and set your ad manager for optimum campaign.

Facebook Marketing tool #8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best social media management and analytics tool.
It works well with the help of facebook ads. This tool helps you to optimize our campaign page.
It can help to convert facebook ads into real leads conversion and be on the top of analytics. It is to target and retarget the right group of people for conversion
You can know about your audience and engagement them better through Hootsuite.

Facebook Marketing tool #9 Heyo

Heyo is one the facebook marketing tool that helps to get more leads
It helps to create sweepstake, hashtag, contests for facebook. By using pre-made templates.
It helps at driving better engagement. And collects user-generated content with campaigns. Is a good tool to create brand awareness?

21 Facebook Marketing Tools Number #10 Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a simple tool on social media and easy to use for management and schedule.
Recycle update over time automatically to enable optimization. It can be connected to Facebook through a plugin.
It has an auto-refill queue feature which uses saved posts. This tool saves stress and brings in more leads. And also help to schedule your post and monitor it.

Facebook Marketing tool #11 Post planner

Post planner helps in managing post and engaged the user.
It helps to plan find, and post great content. Post planner is recommendation engine identifies top-performing content that hast the like of maximum engagement.
It helps to reach the desired result in lesser time.

Facebook Marketing Tool #12 Qwaya

Qwaya is a very useful tool that helps to run and manage Facebook ads.
It has a powerful feature and very useful web interface. And also useful to drive traffic to a website or any facebook page.
It helps to provide ads creation workflow. You can schedule campaigns to run on the facebook page at a certain time of the day. And helps to optimized performance b pausing the ads and campaigns to work more.

Facebook Marketing Tool #13 ShortStack

ShortStack has a better power tool that helps in a marketing platform for contests and gives away
This help to easily build and publish campaigns and integrates campaign analytics and email analytics into one platform.
This also helps to take a lead in generating landing pages, you can get real-time insight views, shares and traffic source.

Facebook Marketing Tool # 14 Mobilemonkey

This is a tool is an effective messenger tool, helps to create Facebook Messenger Chatbots, support tasks, and automatic marketing.
With the help of mobile money tool, you can create chat blats and also lets you tag people and create an interest-based list for sending more relevant chat blasts. And also you can override chatbot and move into the conversation.

21 Facebook Market Tools Number # 15 Sprout Social

This tool helps to build relationships. It provides useful information to help make better decisions about starting and monitoring social conversations.
Sprout Social helps provide facebook marketing the insight data and their analytic tools.
Helps to understand facebook impressions. You can Leverage impressions data by separating them on the basis of location, age, and Gender for better targeting.

Facebook Marketing Tool # 16 SocialOomph

SocialOomph is one the management tool. It is one of the best tools which helps facebook marketing user to increase their reach and their number of followers.
You can manage an unlimited number of facebook Accounts, Automated features help with scheduling and publishing posts.
With the help of this tool, you can track keyword. Also help to set up self-destructing, limited-time updates on facebook.

Facebook Marketing Tool # 17 SocialBakers

SocialBakers is a very powerful social media marketing tool.
It makes you understand your audience better. You can build a lasting relationship with your customers.
This tool serves as a benchmark in analyzing your performance verse the competition. Facebook

Marketing Tool # 18 Pagemodo

Pagemodo is a facebook tool. Which has intuitive edition and helps you modify and build up the Facebook pages? It also helps customize your facebook business page with impressive cover photos, add custom tabs, and create contests for engagement.
With the help of these tools, you can create facebook ads and reach your audience with targeted tools.

21 Facebook Marketing Tools # 19 Likealyzer

Likealyzer is an easy and simple marketing tool that helps to optimize the performance of your Facebook page.
It is simple but provides valuable insights. For instance, It grades your page on the score from 0 to 100. The higher the score the better.
Some Facebook pages have the same scored and then can be compared with one another. You can learn more from the top-performing pages. It covers raw Facebook analytics into an actionable report.

Facebook Marketing Tool # 20 Socedo

Socedo is a cloud-based marketing tool that helps you get real-time and qualified leads.
Helps to analyze social information that helps to make decisions. used to identify a prospect.
It gives impressive monitoring feature to help marketers track lead behavior. It gives useful information to marketers.

Finally, 21 Facebook Marketing Tools # 21. Timeline Contest Agorapulse

This facebook marketing tool helps to increase engagement on Facebook. It runs sweepstakes, quizzes, and photo contests direct on your timeline.
The Agopulse timeline contest app helps to filter engagement. It sorts “like” and “comments” separately for you to analyze.
It can be run as man time as you chose to run it. run it on a number of pages that you manage.


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