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19 students commit suicide for failing exams 

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No less than 19 students in India’s Telangana state are thought to have committed, in the wake of coming up short school last examinations, officials and news reports said on Thursday

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Parents and students have been protesting over the state since the results of the Intermediate Examination for students of the two senior most grades were reported on April 18.

Out of the 974,000 students, who showed up for the Intermediate Exam, a sum of 328,000 failed Telenga Chief Minister, Chandrasekhar Rao, said in a statement.

He has set up a three-member board to probe the conduct and appraisal of answer papers. “There has been a spate of suicides which, on preliminary investigations, are connected to the examination results,” Senior Police Official, Shika Goel, said.

The number of students, who showed up for the test and had committed suicide since the outcomes were declared, timed 19 on Thursday with two additional deaths, the Times of India paper reported.

Rao held a meeting with senior authorities of the education and related offices late on Wednesday and declared a free-of-cost re-assessment of answer papers.

He appealed to the students to be courageous and not to commit suicide

“In spite of the fact that one failed in the examination, there will be a lot of chances,” Rao said.

Activists state there is an exceptional weight on students, particularly in the southern Indian states, to verify high marks in board examinations and entrance tests to engineering and medical colleges.

“Counselling should be made mandatory before the examinations and after results are declared,’’ Rajendra Prasad, Chief Coordinator of the Hyderabad-based non-profit MV Foundation, said. (dpa/NAN)

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